Psychological Safety & Leadership In 2023

With Dr Elizabeth Berryman

With new psychological H&S legislation coming into effect across Australia, and it looking like Aotearoa New Zealand will follow suit, it’s a great time to learn more about what these changes will mean for your organisation.


What You'll Learn

In this video we explore what psychological safety is, why it matters for team wellbeing, and what these obligations mean for you as a leader. 

This video will leave you with an understanding of;

  • Psychological H&S legislations in AU & NZ
  • Psychological safety and psychosocial risks
  • 3 actionable steps to get ahead of legislation

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Our solution is made up of three groups of features that allow your wellbeing lead to gather information from the team members, encourage engagement with wellbeing resources, and report on progress and the general psychological experience at work.

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