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What is a Psychological Safety Strategy?

In this video Dr Liz Berryman and Health Psychologist Emily McRae team up to talk all things workplace psychological safety. In this video, you will learn all about what psychological safety is in the workplace (and what it isn't) and why it is so important.


What You'll Learn

This video will leave you with an understanding of;

  • What Psychological Safety in the workplace is and why is it important
  • How to begin creating a company Psychological Safety Strategy
  • How to use the chnnl Strategy Template to get started with yours (access it below)
  • Our FREE Psychological Safety Strategy Session you can claim today


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Our solution is made up of three main groups of features that allow your wellbeing lead to gather information from the team members, encourage engagement with wellbeing resources, and report on progress and the general psychological experience at work.

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