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Beating Burnout With An Evidence-Based Approach

'Burnout' is more than just a buzzword. It's the resulting harm of dysfunctional work design, which is a psychosocial risk that new legislation is requiring organisations to prevent and manage.

Because the signs of burnout are not always obvious, it's important to have evidenced-based strategies and tools in place for preventing it and reducing harm to your team. 

We teamed up with international burnout expert Professor Jarrod Haar from Massey University to explain the key things you need to know about a whole of organisation approach.


What You'll Learn

This interactive session will leave you with an understanding of;

  • How to measure Burnout & other Psychosocial risks
  • How to make a whole of organisation strategy for Burnout Prevention
  • Practical examples how to put these in place and monitor the outcomes

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